Like Costco, on steroids.

How We Do It

As a social commerce platform, Rally helps consumers purchase in teams to fill minimum order quantities on an individual consumer level. By aggregating purchasing power, teams unlock prices ordinarily reserved for retailers. Consumers benefit from lower prices, while producers benefit from increased control over prices and supply. It's a synergistic arrangement we are proud of.

Rally prices as they should be
Stop paying up to 300% more

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Our Mission

 Est. 2021

By the time most goods reach consumers, they are marked up an average of 250-300%. The best prices? They go to institutions, who pay producers an average of Cost +20%. The excessive markup comes from layers of supply chain, distribution, and retail padding profits. Rally aims to change this and simplify the process by taking consumers directly to the source, without having to worry about handling 1000s of units at a time.

Purchasing power for the people, by the people.